Grover Shipment Process


What is going on behind the scenes after you placed your order with Grover?
The short step-by-step overview below provides you with some useful insights into our shipment process

  1. We will check your order and perform a soft credit check. The longer the relationship between you and us, the more products you can rent in the future.
  2. Your order value (the value of the products contained in your order) is limited to 1000 GBP for your first order on Grover. This limit can increase monthly. Switching to another product within your personal order limit is of course possible anytime.
  3. We will ask you to send in some verification to proof your address and identity. In a separate e-mail you will receive an overview of all possible documents you could use.
  4. After the verification process we will charge the first monthly rent from your PayPal-account or your credit card. Your subscription starts officially the day after we shipped your product.
  5. Sometimes some customers see the pre-authorization on their bank or credit card statements even before having received their order. But don’t worry! This is a simple pre-authorization from your bank. Some banks just don’t indicate the difference between pre-authorization and charge. (In case your order will not be shipped, the pre-authorization disappears automatically. This may take up to 21 working days, depending on your bank/ credit card company).
  6. Shipping: Depending on the product and its availability, it may take some time to get a hold of the product. Please wait with us for a few days in case it takes longer than expected.
  7. Tracking & Delivery: Once your order has left the warehouse, you will receive your tracking ID. This enables you to track your order until it is delivered within the next 2-4 working days.
  8. We do our best to ensure that you will receive your order latest within 7 working days, but sometimes it can happen that there are unexpected delays. In this case, we will get in touch with you and together we will find a solution that will satisfy you. Again:

We hope this answers your first questions!
For some others you may have, please check out our “help center” or simply drop us a line to