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Today, the Grover team and everyone else on the planet who cares about electronics news (including the millions of smartphone users across the globe) are all waiting with excitement for the Apple Event taking place tonight.

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With only a few hours to wait until we find out which rumors and leaks are true and which are nothing but gossip, let’s take a look at what the internet’s expectations are for tonight’s event in terms of software and hardware updates coming to an Apple Store near you.

Rumors about Apple’s next move have been circulating since March, when rumors of a new iPhone 7 model presumably the “7S” started swirling around the internet.

However, it looks like Apple is done with lucky number 7, and they are skipping to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In addition, for the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, they are also expected to release the iPhone X. These rumors are substantiated by hackers exploring the Device Tree of recent software updates:

Most of the features that Macrumors speculated on in March are still expected, including a smaller bezeled screen with edge to edge display, which necessitates the removal of the Home Button and a new unlocking mechanism. This is where we expect new models and sensors for the iPhone X’s front facing camera will shine, using infra-red enabled facial recognition as an unlocking mechanism.

Word on the street about Apple investing more into Augmented Reality technologies certainly seems reliable, since their release of ARKit, but a Spectacles-esque AR wearable is no longer a popular theory; all AR will likely go through apps on the iPhone.

There was also a small hysteria about changing the charging port on the new models of iPhone from lightning cables to USB-C, as they did with the latest models of MacBook Pro, but even more exciting news from Apple has leaked since then. The predominant theory is that at least the iPhone X, expected to be the most advanced (and most expensive) model, will charge wirelessly. How exactly, we don’t know yet. Probably magic?

There are a ton of new features that nobody expected before being speculated on today, including animated emojis, a new Music app and updates to Siri in iOS 11, and a new stainless steel blush gold color.

We can’t wait to see, and you know there will be surprises because with Apple there’s always “one more thing…”