There’s something magical about instant photos.

Maybe it’s the way they naturally capture the moment. Somehow everything looks better with that white border around it, and the filter is always flattering. Your parents and grandparents probably kept all of their analog photos in albums that are tucked away in boxes in the attic, but you don’t want your photos to gather dust!

After taking a digital picture of your instant photos to share online (of course) here are several ways to display your instant photos to make those magical memories sparkle.

Colorful Tape Frames

Don’t run out to the store to get picture frames, and save your walls from holes! Using decorative tape, you can make 2-D pictures frames that have a lot more pizzazz than an off-the-shelf photo frame. This idea from Design Sponge couldn’t be easier to put up, and to take down when you want to show off new snaps.

❤️ Collage

This DIY idea from It’s Always Autumn is great for arranging pictures of the ones you love the most. Or, if you don’t want to hang a frame, try this simple heart arrangement on your wall:

Natural beauty

Who knew a simple branch from a walk outside or a piece of driftwood from a trip to the beach could make such a pretty statement on your wall? Well, Little Miss Momma and Kelli Murray had some ideas. This one is also really easy to put together, and shows off your photos with a natural beauty:

Sparkling Lights

This decor idea has two great ideas in one: combining fairy lights with instant photos for a glittering atmosphere. Urban Outfitters has a bunch of ideas about how to decorate with Instax photos, and can supply the string lights. Any kind of small clip, like a binder clip or clothespin, can be used to attach the photos, and the lights are light weight enough to attach to the wall with tacks or small hooks to not make a large hole. Look how gorgeous:

You can rent the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 from Grover for only 9,90€ per month to add some sparkle to your life and make beautiful memories