This post originally appears in German on Grover’s blog by Jennifer Riecke

The plan was to rent a lonely cottage on Mossala, a small island in Norway. On the agenda: fishing, camp fires, and sitting on the terrace in the evening with a glass of wine. But after our initial calculations, my friend and I realized: Wow, a two-week trip to Scandinavia with a car, cottage, and lake access is quite a lot. What else could we experience in the world for the same amount?

We considered locations from Cube to Thailand and landed on the USA. We were immediately thrilled by the idea to get in a car and discover the Wild West of the country of unlimited possibilities. Everything from there went quickly: car, cottage, and ferry cancelled, and replaced with flights to San Francisco and the first hotel booked on site.

When everything was done, we both sat on the couch, looked at each other and shook our heads incredulously. It took three hours to go from a lonely hut in Norway to this road trip through the USA – but that is what you need in life, a travel partner who’s down to hit the road and go on wild adventures.

We had six weeks to plan, so we started to figure out what we wanted to see, and which cameras would be the best to capture the trip. We quickly decided on the GoPro Hero 5 and the Sony A6000. I rented the cameras with Grover and 2 days later, they arrived. As an aside, I love the gummy bears that come in the package; while you get familiar with the devices, you always have something sweet at hand.

With the two cameras, we have created wonderful memories of the trip with our photos, in addition to the most valuable memories we’ll keep in our hearts. It makes it even more fun to show holiday pictures to our friends and family when they say “Ah, how beautiful,” or “Ooh, that’s a great picture.”

But enough about how great we say they are, see for yourself:

The Sony A6000 – It was camera love at first sight

It is a small, light and flexible camera with the fastest autofocus in the world. You blink, it shoots and takes 11 sharp images per second. You never miss that fleeting moment. It was incredibly much fun to capture the most spontaneous, beautiful moments with this camera.

The GoPro Hero 5 – A camera for all situations, always within reach

It fits in every pocket, it’s sturdy, and always ready to take sharp pictures and video. Each image is only one click away, and is created without having to fiddle with settings. It is simply the best travel companion.

Rent your cameras with Grover and capture your once-in-a-lifetime moments forever