Technology Trends Stories Value More
Technologie Trends Storys Value Mehr

This week, we are proud to launch the Grover Creators program, giving artists and creators access to technology to bring their ideas to life.

Technology has become integral to our ability to take art to exciting, uncharted places, and as a creator, you have the power to take us there – wherever that may be. The Grover for Creators program supports all types of creators with the tech they need to bring their ideas to life. In addition to providing access to the tech that makes it possible, Grover for Creators is also a platform to show your art to more of the world.

Applying online is easy, and creators can get up to three months’ subscription to anything that helps them make their work: drum machines, virtual reality headsets, cameras, and more. Learn more from one of our first creators, James McBreen, a videographer who produces a web series showing curious and fascinating characters of Berlin:

Or watch electronic music producer and DJ Aezron spin some tunes and discuss his favorite drum machines:

We’ve been working behind the scenes with many creators leading up to the launch and can’t wait to share their work with you! Follow Grover on Facebook or join our email list to see the work of all of our creative partners, and if you or someone you know wants to get some gear, apply online at