Whether it’s your wallet, the weather, or just a personal preference, many people are eschewing exotic destinations for their leisure time. That’s right: “Staycations,” or vacations where you kick it at home, are still hot. We’ve got the must-have summer gadgets to make the most of your free time, and a new way to experience your own backyard.

Explore your city with a hoverboard

The end of summer days should be spent outside. So why not explore some familiar territory through the eyes of a visitor? Rent a hoverboard and go to all of the attractions that you would never normally visit. You’ll be surprised at how many overlooked wonders you’ve never discovered that you see when you change your perspective – and look way cooler than a tourist on a Segway.

Change your perspective

If your city is already flooded with tourists, there’s only one thing to do: get a little further out. A bike tour followed by a stop at the lake is just the ticket on a hot day. And to capture the memories, rent a drone to see it all from a new angle.

Send greetings to your loved ones

After all, no vacation is complete if your family and friends don’t get a postcard. But who says greetings can only be sent from afar? Rent an instant camera and send your personal messages along with a unique snapshot even if it’s only the view from your balcony. It’s guaranteed that your grandmother will still want to hang it on her refrigerator.

Are you planning to spend the summer at home this year? Browse our available products and find the gadget to make your staycation special.