Love is in the air!

It’s summer wedding season, and whether it’s your special day or you’ve got an invitation to celebrate with loved ones, it’s time to make memories that will last forever. It’s up to you if those memories are videos, photos, or only live in your heart. We’ve collected a bunch of ideas for how you can use the latest technology to share your celebrations:

GoPro cameras usually associated with extreme sports like bungee jumping, but a wedding can provide you with just as much of an adrenaline kick. The GoPro official blog suggests a bunch of ways to incorporate a GoPro into your wedding photo arsenal:

  • Get the officiator to wear one to film the proceedings close up, along with the audience reaction, like in this video:
  • Capture the bride getting ready from the perspective of the makeup or hair artists behind the scenes
  • Attach one to an alcoholic beverage of your choice to pass around
  • Film from the perspective of the ring bearer
  • Hand it off to your guests to get up close with the dance floor action at the reception!

This video shot by a groomsman has some really great time-lapse footage of the wedding setup, and a romantic slow-motion capture of the bride being given away:

This GoPro hidden in the bride’s bouquet is a really fun tactic as well:

And this extreme GoPro wedding video actually have the bride and groom BASE JUMPING off of a Las Vegas hotel!

Another tech trend sweeping the wedding industry of course is using drones. We’ve all seen the wedding drone fail videos but there are even more inspiring ones, like this group picture heart formation:

This drone video really takes off after the ceremony, with gorgeous footage of the reception next to a lake:

And for the last inspirational drone video, this couple took a drone on their honeymoon where they traveled for over a year to what looks like hundreds of different beautiful places:

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