What type of photographer you are doesn’t just depend on what kind of camera you use (although the Canon VS. Nikon debate does seem to bring out some very strong opinions).

It also isn’t just about what you choose to shoot or how you frame and process your images. It’s about your lifestyle, where you find yourself shooting and where you find yourself in your life. And while every single person on the planet has a unique perspective, these are the types of photographers that really stand out: are you ready to find out which one you are?

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is never lost, being somewhere they’ve never been before is where they’re most at home. If you want to be outdoors 24/7/365 rain or shine, you need a camera that can handle any weather conditions. For the Adventurer we recommend the GoPro Hero 5 Black. A GoPro is small enough to not add weight to your pack and can withstand 10 meters of water, so don’t worry about diving in with it or getting caught out in the rain.

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly is the one whose Facebook and Instagram you always check the night after an event, because somehow they know everyone and manage to take great party photos. Nothing says stylish mementos from a party like instant photos, so the Social Butterfly should try the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. Even with the retro style of instant photos, the new generation’s image quality is surprisingly clear.

The Influencer

The Influencer is never not online, and documents every moment of their fabulous life for their many, many social media followers. The Sony Alpha 6000 is perfect for their lifestyle, with wireless image transmission and remote control via smartphone app. And with record-breaking autofocus speed, the Influencer can shoot vlogs, blogger events, and product hauls with star quality.

The Challenger

The Challenger is passionate about the technical aspects of photography; to them, taking photos is a science as well as an art, and always a challenge to improve. Of course they live in the moment, but they also are always thinking about capturing that moment with the right exposure, aperture, and white balance. The Canon EOS 7D Mark II was made for them to do some serious photo shooting.

Can’t find yourself here or want to break out of the mould? There are tons more styles of camera available from Grover. Try one today and be a whole new type of photographer.