This year’s Apple World Wide Developer Conference revealed a whole bunch of new products that we can’t wait to try! In case you missed the event, The Verge condensed the whole keynote speech to 19 minutes that you can watch below. Then read on for a look at some of the most exciting products coming out at the end of 2017 and beyond.


The HomePod is going to rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home as a speaker that houses Siri and connects to your HomeKit. Also, it’s super adorable! When most people think of Apple products, they think of very sleek lines, a tasteful combination of shiny and matte materials, plenty of glass, etc. But the HomePod looks like a marshmallow! And its spatial awareness technology allows you to place it anywhere in the house and still get an optimal listening experience. Watch the video below and get excited for it to be available in December 2017:


After the massive success of Pokémon Go and rumors of wearable Augmented Reality glasses it’s no surprise that Apple is also setting its sights on AR. At WWDC, they announced a development kit for AR app developers, which someone has already used to create a prototype of what they think the iPhone 8 will look like. The video below doesn’t seem like much until you realize that the wooden table is real, but the phone isn’t:

There’s still no word yet on whether any of the iPhone 8 (or 10, or X) rumors are true but it’s exciting to think they’ll have so much support for Augmented Reality, meaning many more and cooler AR apps! Maybe Apple will release their own games – what will be the next craze like Pokémon?

New Pros

Always trying to be bigger and better (or smaller and more powerful), Apple announced two new Pro versions of their products: the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the new iMac Pro.

via Forbes

The iPad Pro is a larger size with the world’s most advanced display and is more powerful than most PCs. A lot of its features are enhanced by iOS 11 which is also coming out later this year and will cause big changes for organizing your files, multitasking, and more.

via ZDNet

The new iMac Pro is ridiculously overpowered. CNET calls it “truly a beast” and the price is pretty beastly as well. While the basic model will cost $4,999, the fully upgraded version with all of the features could cost up to $17,000! That includes a $2,700 128GB RAM upgrade and a $3,600 4TB SSD upgrade among others. But it may be worth it to do all this:

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