Most people think of virtual reality as a tool for games and entertainment, but it has so many other applications! For example, Oculus has given VR headsets to 90 public libraries in California to be used for educational purposes. Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card, and you might even learn something playing VR games. These are just a few of the educational programs that will blow your mind when you see them in virtual reality (no textbooks required).

Why walk when you can fly?

With Google Earth VR available for the Oculus Rift, you can see the whole world up close. And why stick to seeing it from the ground? Have you ever wondered what the Roman Colosseum looks like? Or maybe you want to fly over the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps? Pick any destination on the globe and swoop right in:

Fancy a trip to Paris today to examine the Eiffel Tower from top to toe?

Virtual tourism has never been easier and geography has never been more fun!

See yourself from the inside out

via Steam

Does anyone remember Osmosis Jones? Now you can live your own adventure inside the body and learn about how the billions of cells inside of you are working to keep you alive and kicking! In The Body VR you can travel through the bloodstream in Journey Inside a Cell, inside your intestines with Colon Crossing, or examine organs in high definition with Anatomy Viewer. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Visit Mars

Mars Odyssey lets you walk on the surface of Mars, examine NASA’s Landers and Rovers (and if you don’t think Mars Rovers are cute you need to read this, it will break your heart) and learn about the alien geography and history through immersive storytelling and completing several missions on Mars. Unfortunatey you can’t grow potatoes there (yet):

No Oculus Rift at the library near you? Try it at home with Grover today for just 49,90 € per month, and get some knowledge about the real world in the virtual world (the games are pretty good too 😉 )