Nothing sets the mood for fun in the sun like getting your tunes bumping! Get ready for the warmer weather by hooking up a portable speaker wherever you need your music: on the beach, in the park, or right at home. We’ll supply the audio gear, all that’s missing is the perfect playlist.

On the Beach

Sun and surf, friends and fun, beers and bonfires: beach parties have it all. As soon as it’s warm enough, break out the sunscreen and barbecue sauce. Next time you’re looking to kick back with friends and the sand between your toes, try the Libratone Zipp Mini. It’s tiny and portable, plus it has a removable cover just in case the beach volleyball gets a little intense and you need extra sand protection. And of course we have a song suggestion or two for what music to play on it:

At the Park

Here in Berlin, the park is where it’s at every sunny weekend. Grab your blanket and walk around a flea market or three before sitting down in the grass to enjoy an impromptu performance or two: it’s almost guaranteed there’s always an acoustic guitar player not too far away. Guitar bros jamming isn’t your thing? Bring your own tunes! For the park, grab the Sonos 1. It’s “mini but mighty,” and surprisingly powerful for such a small, portable speaker. May we suggest some chill tunes to go with it?

Right at Home

Is your air conditioner calling your name, and you just can’t take the heat? Mix up some lemonade or even a sweet sangria and enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your own home. Invite some friends over and have yourself a house party! For big crowds and big sound, try the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin – the bass is amazing! And we know just the song to get the party going (if you guessed the Grammy-award winning 1999 hit “Smooth” by Santana feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, you are correct!):

No matter how you like to party, great speakers don’t come cheap – unless you get them from Grover! Check out our Audio & Music category for the choice of a ton more high-quality portable speakers and headphones. Then it’s all up to you what to play.