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If you’re not certain what to expect the first time you try virtual reality, don’t worry: imagine you were alive before the television was even invented! Older people aren’t always the most tech-savvy, but there are a bunch who are really enjoying their first VR experiences.

For some reason, people think that roller coasters are a great introduction to VR, and we can kind of see the point. They’re quite a spectacle, and the illusion of moving through space so quickly and seeing from the multiple perspectives of the ride can be breathtaking! Luckily, Marie’s shrieks above are with glee and not terror. You’re never too old to enjoy the amusement park, and with virtual rides, there’s less danger of heart attack too.

The Fine Brothers have practically taken out a trademark on reaction videos, and this one of elderly people trying the Oculus Rift VR for the first time is one of their best. At first, everyone is skeptical. One woman, handed the Oculus headset, says, “It’s a space mask? I don’t know.” Many had hardly even heard of virtual reality games. But by the end of the video, you can see that they actually had a lot of fun:

They also did a video using the HTC Vive:

A lot of people have been talking about virtual reality’s use in other fields besides gaming or entertainment. For example, some are trying to incorporate virtual reality simulations into exercise! One man even biked the entire length of the UK on a stationary bike, while taking in the scenery on Google Street View VR. You’ll see from the video below how even elderly folks who may not get out so much can really get a workout from VR in their homes!

You’re never too old to try new things, but you’ve got to give these elders credit for keeping up with the latest technology! (and give some credit to their grandkids, who are setting up the games for them)

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