It’s getting warmer all over the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s music festival season! California’s legendary music festival Coachella has already come and gone, showcasing some of the fashion trends that will dominate festival fields for the rest of the summer. But what good is a killer outfit if you don’t take the perfect picture for Instagram? Try a new camera for your next outdoor music adventure. Now on to the trends!

Big hats are still a hit

It’s not only fashionable, it’s functional: keeping the sun off of your face is a must if you’re going to be jamming out for hours. Imagine all the money you’ll save on sunscreen covering your mug with some portable shade. Nicole Scherzinger, Frieda Pinto, and the always-trendsetting Kendall Jenner all rocked the floppy hat look, and Kendall even accessorized it with a bold red lip, bucking the nude trend that her sisters Kylie and Kim have been so aggressively marketing.

Smart watches

Beyoncé first debuted the solid gold Apple Watch at Coachella in 2015, and Drake also wore the device to Coachella before it was released to the public. Since then, they’ve become a festival style staple. Now you can even use your Apple Watch to pay for beer and snacks at music festivals. Don’t leave home without it! Don’t have a smart watch? Rent one from Grover!

Full body rhinestones

To be fair, you can probably only pull off this look if you are Rihanna, and no one else. But if you can find a full-body rhinestone body suit, go for it. Wear it under your normal clothes. Forget the fact that the sun is blazing hot at music festivals and you want to expose as much skin as possible. You will have the most rhinestones. You will be like Rihanna. You will be winning.

Unfortunately Grover doesn’t rent Gucci yet, but if you want to grab a smart watch to accessorize, or a camera to document your summer style, get a subscription to a new tech product today and enjoy it for as long as you want – summer fling or long term love.