Here at Grover HQ in Berlin, we’re “enjoying” what they call “Indian winter.” If you’re familiar with the concept of “Indian summer”, it’s a lot like that, but worse. Nobody wants winter to come back after a few blissful moments of spring sunshine. But if you have to stay inside due to chilly rain or even hail, why not catch up on the latest Xbox Games? We’ve got the latest news and reviews for the top titles’ new releases, expansions, and downloadable content.


Overwatch has been so successful, they just hit the 1 billion dollar profit mark in under a year. Everyone and their grandma is playing, and the “Play of the Game” (awarded to whoever makes the most impressive high-scoring or difficult play at the end of each match) is so ubiquitous it was even used in a recent political ad in South Korea. Check out some of the funniest and best actual plays of the week, like this adorable Tracer versus Tracer matchup:

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s games are notoriously easy to modify in hilarious ways, and new mods for recent titles like Fallout 4 are still coming out all the time. These mods add gory effects, new weapons and locations, and 480 new lines of voice-acted dialogue. Another one pushes the Intimidation perk (one of your character’s skills) to the next level, allowing you not only to point your weapon at non-player characters to get your desired outcome, but also to tie them up or tell them to scram. Check out the footage on the Escapist if you like the idea of becoming a post-apocalypse armed robber. If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your playing experience, without resorting to mods, check out this list of 15 things you didn’t know you could do – including visiting a bombed-out version of the bar from Cheers, playing a Donkey Kong clone, or finding a figure encased in carbonite like Han Solo.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 was named one of the best games to come out in 2016 and has been releasing monthly updates of downloadable content since it became available. April’s release of the They Shall Not Pass DLC unlocked a giant shark that jumps out of a pool. Check out all the new features available in the latest expansion and get ready for the In the Name of the Tsar expansion due out in June.

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