Some things are just better together, you know? Like peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, or cheese and crackers (are you hungry yet?) these tech devices are better as a team! Check out these paired up devices that go together like milk and cookies (that’s the last food metaphor, promise)

Samsung Galaxy S8 + Gear VR

Not only is the S8 the most eagerly anticipated phone of 2017 so far, its compatibility with the Gear VR headset means you can enjoy virtual reality anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to invest in a super-powered computer or be tethered by wires with the Gear headset, just pop the S8 into the screen. This Ultimate Guide by VR Heads will help you get set up and find the coolest content that’s Gear VR compatible, from roller coasters to movies, to traveling around the world while staying in your living room!

Samsung Galaxy S8 + Gear 360

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Hundreds of apps and movies with 360º content aren’t enough for you? Make your own! The Gear 360 camera has a wide-angle lens on each side of its “eyeball” to capture 360 degrees of photo or video content. It pairs perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy S8, and you can read about all of its features here, including four video modes, a timer setting, video previews, editing, and more in the video app.

Samsung Galaxy S8 + Gear Fit 2

The Gear Fit 2 can measure your heart rate, calorie burn, distance traveled, steps taken, and more, and when you get it with the Samsung Galaxy 8 you can sync all of this data to the app to track your fitness. The smart notifications on the Gear Fit 2 screen let you respond to alerts and phone calls while you’re working out and view your activity progress. And it’s water resistant enough to wear it in the shower so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or forgetting to put it back on after you hit the gym!

Did you notice what all these pairings had in common? Yes! They are all Samsung Galaxy S8 bundles that are available from Grover. Try the phone alone or with one of its many Samsung-compatible friends – with the option to return them after one month!