CeBIT, the largest international computer expo in the world, is hosting an event with none other than Grover’s CEO Michael Cassau at the Global Conference in Hannover this year!

The theme of the 2017 CeBIT Global Conference revolves around the slogan Explore the Digital World! and several of the 200 speakers will be presenting about digital transformations in their industries. The panel featuring Michael Cassau is on Tuesday, March 21, at 3:45 PM, entitled “Digital transformation – Experience New Business Models.” If you were already planning on going, mark your calendar for this panel on challenging the status quo of the consumption economy on the Sakura Stage.

If you aren’t convinced that you have to go already, watch this trailer to get a taste of the other exciting events at the conference (cyborg lady and man-bun’s attendance are not guaranteed):

Other important speakers at this year’s conference include noted CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who will speak on the same stage less than two hours later about Data security and privacy in the age of surveillance, and the well-known futurist thinker Ray Kurzweil who will discuss the Internet of Things. Given that Kurzweil has predicted the singularity to occur in 2029 it should be very interesting to see what he has to say about our connected home devices.

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