Wearable tech is getting cooler all the time. Whether you’re waiting for these awesome skin-interfacing conductive tattoos to actually be available, or got a head start on your New Years’ health and fitness resolutions by joining the legions of people tracking their steps with a smart watch, it’s always exciting to see how wearable tech can fit into your lifestyle. These gadgets promise to change the way you sleep, the way you stand, and how you stay safe.

Kokoon: sleep sensing headphones

Many wearables claim that they know when you’re asleep, but they are easy to trick: if you take them off, they don’t know the difference between quietly resting on the table or on your sleeping wrist. Instead of relying on accelerometers, the Kokoon uses EEG technology, the same that is used in sleep labs, to sense your brain waves. Combining this with three layers of noise canceling, including white noise, and an app that tracks your sleep cycles, Kokoon promises as unparalleled level of comfort and deep rest. Since they’re designed to be slept in and mold to the shape of your head, there’s no doubt that they’re comfortable; the ear cushions are vented to keep cool, and are removable for machine washing. Enough sleepy people have found Kokoon appealing that they’ve pre-ordered 10,000 pairs and pledged over 2 million dollars on Kickstarter. Pre-orders are still available through April.

Upright, the posture correcting patch

You can’t always have your mother around to remind you to sit up straight, but now there’s an app for it. The Upright trainer attaches to the middle of your lower back and syncs with an app featuring a personalized training plan to improve your posture. It’s designed to be small enough to wear under clothing, so you can pop it on during the workday, and they say that between 5 minutes to an hour at a time is enough to drastically improve posture in the long run. Better posture can lead to increased confidence and productivity, as well as alleviating existing back pain, or stopping it from starting in the first place. Upright is currently available with free shipping within the US and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Cut-Tex slash resistant clothing

The PPSS Group supplies military gear and tactical apparel internationally, but this development is also available to civilians. Their Cut-Tex lightweight fabric is five times stronger than Kevlar. If you don’t believe that, go ahead and click through the link above to see the PPSS CEO himself slashing all over his own torso with a box cutter to prove the strength of the fabric. There’s also a somewhat sickening video of test dropping a giant knife on a pig’s trotter, with and without protection by their patented material. It may seem like an extreme case, but if you have any doubt whether or not you’ll get slashed or stabbed, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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