For some of us, our laptops are our only friends: it’s sad, but true. But would you treat your real (human) friends the same way you treat your computer? Hopefully not! We have a few tips to keep man’s best friend (again, we’re talking about laptops here) happy and healthy as long as possible.

Shaken Laptop Syndrome

Yes, it’s very tempting to take your laptop everywhere you go: in your backpack, in the car, on horseback… but please, try to spare it from a bumpy ride. If you don’t have a solid state drive, this is even more of an issue: bumping your hard drive slightly out of place while its discs are spinning can cause irreversible data loss. Try not to shake or move your laptop around too much, especially if it’s on and you can hear the hard drive whirring. In general, laptops don’t like to be shaken. Get your laptop a car seat, and treat it like a baby! Don’t shake your baby.

Laptop Flambé

It may seem simple enough to say: don’t cook your computer. But in addition to not frying it up on the stove or slipping it into the oven, you have to remember to clean your fans regularly so it doesn’t overheat. If you don’t know where the fans on your computer are, a simple visit to your local electronics store should be informative. Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than snuggling into bed with your laptop to watch a movie, but if you can feel the heat on your keyboard, the air vents are probably obstructed and over time this can really hurt the computer’s performance. Computers like to be cool, and they like to sit on hard, flat surfaces so that there’s room for air to circulate around the bottom and back. And the next time you have a warm laptop on your lap, particularly for men, consider the risk that your computer could be cooking you.

Wet and Wild Laptop Stunts

It’s happened to the best of us. Whether you enjoy coffee or tea, wine or beer, or plain old water while you work on your computer, there is some kind of strange and terrifying magnetism that sometimes takes hold of the area around your laptop and attracts liquid. Everyone should know by now the old bag of rice trick for if you drop your cell phone in a glass of water (or worse, the briny depths of a latrine) – and if you don’t, here’s the trick: put it in a bag of uncooked rice, which will suck the moisture out. Unless you have large quantities of rice on hand, a laptop is too large for your average person to submerge in grains. Follow these simple steps for the best possible outcome in the case of a spillage emergency.

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Do you know some more tricks to get the longest life from your laptop? Let us know in the comments!