If you’re in the United States, you’re probably feeling a little sluggish from all the Thanksgiving food, and because you want to #SaveTheStaff, forget about getting up to face the Black Friday hordes. Even if you haven’t dedicated the end of your week to overeating, everyone could use a little pick-me-up on a Friday. There’s no better way to get the blood flowing than to just get up and bust a move!

The health benefits of dancing regularly are too many to list. In addition to raising your heart rate and providing a gentle cardio workout, dancing can also help strengthen your muscles and bones. Dancing can even make you smarter, or at the very least, increase neuroplasticity which helps to decrease risks of dementia and memory loss with age.

Don’t know where to start moving and grooving? Try one of these dance workout videos designed to get the heart pumping at home. Or, if you want to try something new at work, Dance Break has a series of low-impact 20-minute dance sessions designed for the workplace, no sweatbands required.

If you live in New York or several other major cities all over the world, check out Daybreaker! It’s a dance party that takes place on weekday mornings, early in the AM. “Daybreaker is about choosing to live life differently, choosing to be happy, and choosing to pursue the best versions of ourselves.” Why should nightclubs have all the fun? You can have a dance party any time, and channel that good energy into your daily life.

Still need more motivation? Nothing gets the body moving like great tunes. When your favorite song comes on, you can’t help dancing, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. We asked the Grover team to send in some of their favorite songs, and came up with this super-eclectic mix. From electronic music, to rumbas and rock, there’s a little something for everybody. Enjoy!

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What’s your favorite type of music to dance to? And what do you think of the Grover team’s moves? Let us know in the comments!