Apple computers are an essential equipment to many of us; not only they look very sleek, but they also made our lives easier in so many ways, with the incredible apps and programs they offer. But truth be told, we haven’t had any significant upgrades to the MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro computers in ages!!!

We all kind of think that buying anything right now might feel like a bad move; as a major change IS in order! But the question is – WHEN is it coming?


According to a new Bloomberg report, it’s not going to happen at the “Sept. 7 iPhone” event; but it might happen later this year…

The really cool thing about this report, is the scope of changes Apple might bring to it’s laptops and desktop computers. According to Bloomberg, we’ll get:

  1. A new versions of the iMac, with refreshed graphics.
  2. An updated MacBook Air.
  3. A thinner MacBook Pro with a touchscreen instead of function keys. And a new, standalone 5K monitor Apple is making in collaboration with LG. (This should bring a smile to the faces of folks who loved Apple’s Thunderbolt display which was discontinued this year…)

Bloomberg’s report also claims:

“Apple plans to update it’s iPad software with new features aimed at professional users.”

Maybe an update to the Apple Pencil?? There is a rumour flying around about Apple’s plan to launch a new version of the iPad Pro, with a 10.5-inch screen size might happen; but this will only next year…

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What do you think about getting a new and improved Mac? What features would you like to see included in your new Apple Computer? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!