NYC Cafe

There are many reasons to choose a cafe as a work space: you might want to take your start-up off the ground; maybe you are trying to master the freelancer lifestyle; you could be getting started with your blog; or even be living the horror of having a terrible home internet connection. Bottom line is, finding the right place to connect with interesting people, and getting things done while having a nice espresso can be a difficult task! Especially if you are looking for a place where the owner will not mind you camping there all day!

To help out, we dug up our incredible spaces in the Big Apple where you can produce, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee! Our criteria for excellence includes the following: free wifi, good coffee, nice ambiance, outlet access and lots of seating. Also don’t forget that if you’re looking to upgrade your gear, we have a great selection of laptops and tablets!

1. Calm and classic – Ninth Street Espresso


The original location of the small NYC chain is known for it’s “no nonsense” approach to coffee. Free Wi-fi, many outlets, and friendly staff make this cafe a very comfortable working environment. Gorgeous old willow trees line in the street offer a calming view out the window, while you nail down that startup idea business plan!

2. A Minimalist paradise – Fika

Does the minimalism of scandinavian design helps you focus and calm your thoughts? Is attention to detail paramount to you? If so, Fika is your place! Not only is the minimalist decor inspiring, they pride in the detail so much, the milk in that cappuccino is delivered fresh daily from an upstate organic dairy. With a serene setting paired with free Wi-Fi, great coffee by roaster Nobletree + killer sandwiches and pastries; Fika is a great space for perfecting that minimalist logo design gig you just landed! As a chain, you’ll find stores all over Manhattan, meaning you’re never too far from ‘the office’.

3. For an incognito campout – Stumptown Coffee Roasters (@ Ace Hotel)


While the Stumptown is a super hip place to see and be seen, it also offers ample opportunity to go under the radar. Located directly next door to the Ace lobby, this semi-public space is equipped with USB-enabled reading tables to keep your campout going all day. The space is huge, and therefore easy to blend into and be undetected as you outline that restaurant review blog posts. Go incognito in one of the beautiful high-backed wingback chairs and dim lighting. No one will notice that you have been there all day.

4. For the entrepreneur – Pushcart Coffee

Unlike others on this list, Pushcart is actually meant first and foremost to be a communal working space. Think of it more as a hip public office that also serves great coffee. A motto on the wall even speaks to the company’s mission to provide a meeting space to inspire entrepreneurs. The vibe attracts many skilled startup workers and freelancers, making this a great space to network and meet your future business partners and employees! And of course, there is free Wi-Fi and outlets all around!

5. For that no-nonsense corporate lover – Gregory’s Coffee

Are overly designed cafes distracting when it comes to working spaces? Then this large, but local NYC chain which has a very corporate feel, will get you into that ‘office’ mindset from the very beginning. After all, your focus should be on your work, not the industrial chic brass covered decor (or the hipsters and their buns). With 17 locations across the city, there will always be a office near you. Hop on the free Wi-Fi, and get crackin on those spreadsheets!

6. For the nature lover – Intelligentsia at the High Line


Is the city buzz too much of a distraction? Do you need to get away, feel the sun on your face or a fresh breeze? Would connecting with nature help you also connect with key networking opportunities on Linkedin? Then the Intelligentsia’s High Line location is just what you need. This is by far the best cafe for working outdoors. Find your zen at one of many cushioned patio tables which surround a tranquil fountain.  And yes, there is Wi-Fi out in this “wilderness” too.

What did you think about our list? Did we forget a cafe that just MUST be added? Would you like to give your opinion about the places you have visit? Just leave us a comment below!