We all know how the iPhone makes our lives easier everyday, but did you know that there are probably even more perks you could be adding to your day to day life? We selected these 9 easy hacks that will help you make your phone really work for you!

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1. Shake to erase
Tap on Shake to Undo in iOS-9 on iPhone

Photo: igeeksblog.com

Your iPhone has a fun little feature that throws back to the days of Etch-a-sketch! Instead of tapping to delete, try shaking your phone next time you type a mistake. The shaking should clear the screen and let you start again.

2. Invert display colors for night browsing

Photo: lifehacker.com

Do you find yourself browsing your phone in bed at night? Want to save you eyes and stop disturbing your partner? Just invert the iPhone display colors! It is way easier on the eyes and doesn’t produce such a bright light.

3. Set your camera to manual focus
Manual focus

(Photo: idownloadblog.com)

Do you prefer to take creative control of your photography? You can turn off autofocus and shoot in manual mode! In the camera mode, just hold the screen until you see “AE/AF Lock”.

4. Respond to texts without unlocking your phone
Quick reply

Photo: iphonefaq.org

Respond to texts directly from your lock screen! Just pull down the notification drawer and swipe the text notification to the left. Tap on the reply” option that appears and you’re set to go!

Respond to text while youre in an app

Photo: alltechbuzz.net

5. See which apps are draining all of your battery

lead image see apps draining battery

Want to catch the pesky little culprits killing your battery? Head to settings > battery. And Voila! You’ll see a clear breakdown of how much percentage your apps are using!

6. This message will self-destruct
self destruct

Photo: therichest.com

Yes, you can send both audio and video messages that del-destruct!  Its possible to send audio and video snippets that expire after two minutes, just go to Settings > Messages and scroll all the way down. There will be a section for audio/video messages, where you can select between expiration after two minutes, or never expiring at all.

7. Give Siri the lowdown on your relationships

ios contacts remember name

If you set it up, you can simply tell Siri to “call my son,” and she’ll know exactly who your talking about. To get it started, simply ask Siri to call “insert family member.” She will respond by asking who that is, and you simply need to let her know. Next time you ask for that person she’ll know exactly who you are referring to.

8. Set an unbreakable pass code

Photo: zdnet.com

Cracking a 4-digit password, like the default password on your lock screen, is child’s play these days. Did you know that Apple gives you the option to make a much more complex passcode? Just click Settings > General > Passcode Lock to upgrade your simple passcode to pro level.

9. You can check Twitter via Siri too

Photo: lifehack.org

No need to open up Twitter to see what’s going on online. Just ask Siri “what Grover is saying” and all of Grover’s most recent tweets will populate on your screen.