Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm, and for good reason. With the masses running around trying to catch em’ all, it’s easy to feel as if we’ve fallen through a wormhole and traveled back in time to the 90’s.  Where the gushers at? If Pokemon GO has you feeling nostalgic for some of your other favorite retro games, we’ve got you covered.

everyone is playing pokemon go

But, when you let adults act like kids again, shit is bound to happen. There is madness on the streets, with people running into walls, taking on oncoming traffic, driving while playing, and even becoming victims of robbery, all in the pursuit of Pokemon. Thousands of people are walking around cities and towns looking intently at their phones disregarding all manner of hazards in the quest to be the best like no one ever was. Nintendo has already put out warnings urging people not to drive and play, and to respect private property (yes people are wandering into neighbor’s yards).







In an unexpected plot twist, many restaurants, cafes, and retail shops are actually seeing huge surges in business thanks to the game drawing players into their stores! Some businesses are cashing in by setting lures in or in front of their shops to draw in more customers. While many restaurants welcome the extra boost in sales, some locations are unhappy about user loitering around for Pokemon without actually buying anything.




We love Nintendo’s modern take on this classic game, especially how it’s getting people outside and socializing! There have already been reports of first dates sprouting from Pokemon GO encounters. Players can spot each other from a mile away and are sharing in comradery. The game has spurred a real sense of community, even leading to accidental mass gatherings in parks when multiple unaffiliated players set lures in proximity to each other. Of course, with friends come foes too.  Once you pass level 5, you join one of three teams, and battles other players accordingly. This is leaving many players very competitive with each other.